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Local/Regional Groups (LRGs)

Local/Regional Groups (LRGs) create opportunities for members to meet for peer support, mentorship, and professional development. Members of all levels are welcome to attend LRGs.

Pre-existing ACATACATs groups and ANZATA Regional Groups created opportunities for members to meet for professional development, peer support, supervision and mentorship. Under our new company these groups are now called Creative Arts Therapists Groups (‘LRGs or Local/Regional Groups’) and will continue to provide ANZACATA members the same opportunities.

Previously, these self-autonomous groups were listed on the ANZATA/ACATA websites, and ANZATA Regional Groups were also able to receive funding for their activities/events. ANZACATA is currently developing policies to support pre-existing ACATA and ANZATA Groups to blend into the new LRG structure. It has been our intention that pre-existing Regional Groups will be eligible to apply for funding for their activities and events, and eventually, that funding will be also available for new LRG to establish.

ANZACATA created the model of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within its company structure to bring together members with shared interest to have a voice through a Leadership Group to the board.  These are distinct and separate to LRG.

At ANZACATA conferences and symposia, opportunities will be created for members of LRG to meet members of other LRG to share.

If you are interested in establishing a LRG, or wish to apply for funding for a LRG, please visit the LRG Group page in members’ section of this website to access the online forms.

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