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How to make a submission

If you are interested in making a submission to the next ANZJAT, please download the ANZJAT Submissions Manual. This gives all the information about what you need to provide, including the ANZJAT Style Guide (outlining the format and conventions that you will need to adhere to) and sections on how to use the ANZJAT Style Template, referencing and how to write a book review. The Style Template is a Microsoft Word template that you should use to format your submission.

Submissions can be sent to the Journal Coordinator by emailing Vic.

ANZJAT Submission Resources

The ANZJAT Submissions Manual

Click the icon below to download

The ANZJAT Style Template

We strongly recommend that you use the ANZJAT Style Template to format your submission. It is an easy to use Microsoft Word template containing a suite of styles to aid both you in your submission and the editorial team when reading, copyediting and setting your article. Please click on the icon below to download the file. It includes instructions on how to use it but you can also download a guide to using the Style Template – click on the icon below.

ANZJAT Style Template: ANZJAT Style Template Tutorial:


Referencing – using APAv6

ANZJAT requires all referencing to be in APA version 6. This ANZJAT Submissions Manual contains a quick guide to this but is not definitive. For a more comprehensive guide please refer to the one below if you need to find how to reference something that is not included in the manual.

A comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to APA version 6.
Click here to download

You might like to take ANZJAT’s Great APA Quiz, a fun way to refresh or commit to memory some of the more common examples of APAv6 referencing. Click the icon to download the pptx file to take the quiz

Other resources

Useful articles

Edwards, D. (2011). Once more, but with feeling: Further thoughts on writing about art therapy, ATOL 1(2)
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Taylor and Francis online guides

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