Statement of Purpose

The Association exists to support, serve and advocate for its members and to uphold and enhance industry standards and professionalism.


The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA) is the peak professional body that represents creative arts therapists in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region. It is a member-run self-regulating non-profit company limited by guarantee that seeks to advocate for the profession and to ensure that the training and practice of professional members is in accordance with the highest international standards. It encourages continuing professional development of members by supporting Special Interest Groups (SIGs) representing special interests and regions, hosting regular conferences and symposia, and publishing a peer reviewed journal: the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy (JoCAT). Creative arts therapy is still an emerging profession in our member countries, and the association strives to raise its profile, advocating and lobbying for increasing recognition, as well as forging connections and links with other disciplines, and other countries. 


  • Creative expression as a human right
  • Arts as central to the therapeutic process
  • Embracing diversity and connection
  • Promotion of wellbeing and enhancing human potential
  • Ethical decision making and respectful communication
  • Arts based research
  • Working safely and ethically

ANZACATA Constitution

Download a copy of ANZACATA's constitution

ANZACATA Strategic Plan

Download a copy of ANZACATA's strategic plan.

The History of Creative Arts Therapies in the Region

1987  The Australian National Art Therapy Association Inc. (ANATA) was founded as a non-profit incorporated association.

1990s onwards  Programmes at postgraduate level in art therapy, drama therapy and creative arts therapy developed in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

1995  Establishment of Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa (CTAA) in New Zealand.

2000  Establishment of Australian Creative Art Therapies Association (ACATA) by first graduates of the RMIT masters programme.

2006  ANATA became ANZATA (Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association), affiliating with
New Zealand.

2006   ANZJAT (The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy) first published.

2007  The Australian government wage award was granted to the profession, and the profession was included in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZCO).

2009  ANZATA professional membership was opened to Singapore graduates.

2011  An ‘s’ was added to ‘art’ in ANZATA’s and ANZJAT’s title to reflect the many creative modalities that members utilise.

2015  ANZATA professional membership was opened to graduates of University of Hong Kong.

2016   ANZATA and ACATA became Affiliated Organisations of PACFA.

2018   ANZATA and ACATA transitioned to ANZACATA, a company limited by guarantee.

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