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  • Scared or Not: Learning from Dynamic Memory Reconsolidation and Arts-Based Therapeutic Change with Dr Noah Hass-Cohen

Scared or Not: Learning from Dynamic Memory Reconsolidation and Arts-Based Therapeutic Change with Dr Noah Hass-Cohen

  • 19 Nov 2022
  • ZOOM


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Autobiographical memories are responsible for our sense of self, and belief in our future. Dare we act on the research that says that these change each time we revisit them? During a process called memory reconsolidation (MR) cherished autobiographical memories can be retrieved and changed. Neuronal plasticity which is the ability of the nervous system to learn in response to internal or external information stimuli is responsible for this survival-based change.  

Dr. Hass-Cohen will review the neuroscience of MR while highlighting how her research has illustrated the potential of expressive arts practices for avoiding the pitfalls of implicit memory reconsolidation (Hass-Cohen, Clyde Findlay, Bokoch, & Bandford 2018; Hass-Cohen, Clyde Findlay, & Bokoch, 2019; Hass-Cohen, & Clyde Findlay, 2015). Her examples illustrate a specific sequencing of skillful therapeutic interventions which illustrate how the art therapist clinician can recognize imagery and processes that represents implicit issues and promote transformative MR integration and recovery. 

Please bring some plain paper and markers for the session. 


Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen, PsyD, ATR is a psychologist and art therapist. Dr. Hass-Cohen is an expert on relational neuroscience art therapy.  She is faculty in the Couple and Family Therapy program at Alliant International University in Los Angeles and she has over three decades of providing neuroscience-based art therapy to people across the lifespan.  Dr. Hass-Cohen is the author of two books: Art Therapy & Clinical Neuroscience; and Art Therapy & the Neuroscience of Relationships, Creativity & Resiliency, the latter of which was published by Norton’s Interpersonal Neuroscience series. In her clinical practice Dr. Hass-Cohen works with individuals and families affected by weight management, pain, grief, trauma and loss. One of her specialties is providing single session therapy. She is certified in several mindfulness approaches. Internationally she provides online therapeutically services and consultations to clients and other therapists. Please view the Bibliography and References.

Date: Saturday 19 November 2022
Time: 1pm AEDT (10am HKT & WA, 12pm QLD and 3pm NZT)
Fri, 18 November 6pm (PDT) (Dr Hass-Cohen’s time)

Duration: 1 and ½ hours
Location: Zoom (link provided in the registration confirmation email)
Cost: $50 (+GST for Australian members)
Open to: All members (Unlimited number of participants) 

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