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Business Advice Webinars

ANZACATA is offering a series of FREE live webinars (recorded too) for members who want to know more about starting or expanding their own creative arts therapy business. You can come to one, two or all three events. Places are limited to the first 50 members who apply. There will be live Q&A with our expert presenter. We will record the sessions for anyone who cannot make the live sessions.

(Zoom link will be sent to those who apply to attend)

Webinar 1 – Get your creative therapy business off to a great start - Tuesday 18 August 11am (AEST)

Are you starting out in your creative therapy business?

This webinar is here to help you discover how your unique skills, knowledge and experience can help you build a successful business with clarity and purpose, as well as provide you with the practical advice you need on how to set your business up “right” from the start.

This 1-hour live webinar (including Q&A) will cover:

  • The essential equation for every business – WHY + WHO = WHAT
  • How do I decide what to call my business?
  • What do I need to do to get my business up and going?
  • Some practical tips on getting your first customers.

Webinar 2 – Marketing for non-Marketing People - 25 August 11am (AEST)

Marketing is nothing more than creating a connection between you and your customers, so that they know that you can help solve their problems. So why do many small business owners find it so scary?

This webinar will introduce you to some basic marketing principles, including how to identify your ideal customers and understand their needs. We will also explore some low-stress ways for you to connect authentically with your audience.

This 1-hour live webinar (including Q&A) will cover:

  • WHO really is my customer? HINT: It's not always who you're working with!
  • How to craft simple, non-salesy marketing messages that INSPIRE your customers to take action.
  • How to use the Simple Sales Funnel to choose the right promotional tools for YOUR business.
  • How to set up a marketing plan that you will actually use.

Webinar 3 – Honour your Value - Tuesday 1 September 11am (AEST)

Setting the correct pricing that truly reflects the value you provide to your customers, AND supports you and your family financially, is one of the hardest decisions we make in our businesses.

It means having to understand what others value – which is not always logical and rational – and often involves a lot of guess-work.

But it’s also more personal than that. Setting prices means we have to place a value on things that are actually “priceless” – our skills, knowledge, experience, creativity and uniqueness. We have to face up to our relationship with money, which may or may not be a positive one.

This webinar will help you identify whether “money blocks” are getting in the way of creating a financially successful business, and give you a few practical tips on how to take the emotion out of setting prices for your services.

This 1-hour live webinar (including Q&A) will cover:

  • What are you really worth?
  • Finding customers that value YOU!
  • How to do more of what you love AND make more money
  • Pricing strategies that work

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Webinar 1 – Get your creative therapy business off to a great start
Webinar 2 – Marketing for non-Marketing People
Webinar 3 – Honour your Value

About the Presenter

Cath Connell is the owner of Wholehearted Marketing. She believes in creating great products and services based on real relationships with real people, to help build a better world. It’s called Purpose-Driven Marketing and it means that we don’t have to sell our souls to sell our thing. By understanding our Purpose – our WHY – and knowing WHO we wish to serve, we can create a business that we’re proud to share, just by being ourselves.

Cath has worked in marketing for over 20 years, first as a graphic designer, then as a Promotions Rep and Brand Manager for a major paper wholesaler, and finally in her own businesses Leaf Paper for Life and Wholehearted Marketing.

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